Back Pain Relief Grove City OH Stem Cell Therapy

Back Pain Relief Grove City OH Stem Cell Therapy

Visit our site: today to learn more about Buckeye Physical Medicine & Rehab located in five wonderful locations! Our services will address your health challenges using the combination of Chiropractic, Physical Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, Regenerative Medicine and Pain Relief Treatments to create the perfect combination for total healthcare and pain relief. Best of all measured and progressed with focused care based on state-of-the-art diagnostics!

Just imagine, being trapped in a body that is in chronic back and neck pain all the time. Letting it rob you from the activities you desire and make the necessary activities unbearable.

Now meet Carol who was living in such a state. She had two prior back surgeries and her current doctors were recommending a third. For Carol, it was just not an option she wanted to do. On a recommendation, her and her friend attended one of the free informational meetings on Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine hosted by Dr. Buzz Korth of Buckeye Physical Medicine and Rehab.

After a thorough examination and consultation, Carol decided to have the Stem Cell Therapy. She is thrilled to report that her initial goal was to only relieve some of the horrible pain, but her pain is almost completely gone!

Please listen as she continues to help share her success story to her friends and to you.

Schedule a consultation today or call to find out when the next amazing Stem Cell Therapy event is. You won’t regret it!

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